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Local Walks in Horsham and Surrounding Areas

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Horsham, West Sussex, is known for its historic beauty, gorgeous countryside and great food establishments. Horsham town centre provides a range of coffee shops, restaurants, and bars. The lively little town is definitely a great day and night out, however, Horsham’s surrounding areas has beautiful areas to be explored. With a series of little villages and countryside walks, there is much to be discovered.

The Downslink is a treasured walk in itself, and perfectly accessible to walk the outskirts of Horsham. You can discover the villages of Barns Green, Slinfold and Southwater, where you can come off of the Downslink and walk around the beautiful countryside of each village. Now if we know anything here at The Queens Head in Barns Green, it is the beautiful surroundings that we are within. Many of our staff live in the area and know the wondrous walks of Barns Green.

Our favourite walk in Barns Green is Sharpenhurst Hill. The beautiful fields and hilltop gives you an amazing view of the sunset, surrounding areas such as Christ Hospital and Horsham, and a beautiful woodland where bluebells blossom. The picturesque location is based just off of the Downslink after Christ Hospital. You can walk over the railway tracks and find the bottom of Sharpenhurst Hill, from there you can make your way to the top of the hill to see the surrounding beauty. From here, you can find your way to Itchingfield where you can walk down to Barns Green. The route itself is peaceful and a wonderful walk. Why not pop into The Queens Head before or after your walk for some tradition pub food in Sussex.

Another longer but just as scenic walk is the Downslink route from Slinfold to Southwater. Walk through the beautiful countryside and see three villages on the way. Barns Green is situated in the middle of the walk, and it is only a short detour journey to come a grab a pint at our pub. Our countryside pub is more than happy for you to leave your car in our car park to go for a Barns Green walk and return for a drink or lunch after. Please do contact us to let us know you are coming; we are more than happy to have a chat about the wonderful walks around our local village.

The Queens Head in Barns Green is a hub for walkers, cyclists and joggers alike, we are more than happy to cater for your needs when you are on one of your many adventures. Whether you would like to stop in for a drink to rehydrate, or for some food, our friendly staff will be here to greet you. Please be aware of our current opening times, as we are not completely back to our pre covid-19 opening hours as of yet. To find out more information on our opening hours, please view our about us page.

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